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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors?

An investigative team of one was sent out to determine if there was a real fire yesterday or was all that simulated by ... you guessed it ... (If you can't guess it see title above.)

With careful sleuthing I was able to find several locations where there were alleged burnt areas this one allegedly leaping the nearly impenetrable Brentville perimeter. This is un-retouched, on the scene, almost live coverage.

Another view of what is left when you let the smoke out of the grass.

Still another, which has been re-touched but only to add an arrow pointing to our house.
To summarize what I learned by this experience:
1. I found no mirrors so it might have been real, 2. NEVER go on a bike ride (or is that cycle ride?) no matter how close to home with out some tools. The chain broke and with no way to affix the dangling ends I had to walk home. I hate it when that happens.
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stevenson said...

I wonder if you will get this! Always enjoy your updates! Great sleuthing Bill! How you manage to do all that detective work and daily jobs as well I don't know! So, what is our next adventure? Huh?