Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Not necessarily in the order indicated in the title...
I just came back into the house having taken a few pictures of an out-of-control rice chaff fire just outside of Brentville.

These taken just 20 feet from out front door. You see here the guards keeping watch over the threatening fire. You can see that there is thickly grassed fields right up to the Brentville wall.

Remember the Platters singing Smoke gets in Your Eyes in the 50's. Why do I keep bringing up all these oldies? Guess those are just the memories of life.

Even as I write this the flames have calmed down a bit but we don't stop holding our breath til the fat lady sings. There is so much smoke in the air I closed up the house. It's usually pretty wide open - all the windows and doors. Oh yeah, the temperature today is in the 90's F so I have the AC's on too.

To show how serious they were about this fire they even delivered a fire hose to the rusting hose station at our corner. A while back I asked the head of maintenance why neither of the hose stations had hoses. The best answer at the time was something to the effect that since the Brentville houses are mostly constructed of cement, if and when a fire ocurred they would have time to go buy some. O...K...! But as it turned out maybe they did have some stashed away. Or perhaps decided to go get some since someone cared enough to ask about them.

And finally the Good! This morning I noticed a couple of very colorful blooms in our front yard so I snapped them for you to enjoy. This was somewhat inspired by the beautiful pictures on the Marshall's blog. Eat your heart out Michelle!

These two blue flowers adorn our front yard. (Remember I'm color blind.)
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