Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And Alas a few more pictures of CYCLING.

Thought I'd wrap up my cycling adventure with a couple more pictures and mostly true interpretation.

Here is a rare picture wherein I'm behind Mark. I was mostly keeping him in my dust (what's the matter can't you see any dust). But any way it's an action shot of him moving down the road. A very nice thing about traveling on Good Friday which is a MAJOR holiday here, is the lack of traffic. It certainly was to our advantage.

And this was a refreshment stop Saturday on the way back home. A roadside fruit stand. Now I don't know where you stand on fruit, but we decided to stand and watch a fresh pineapple being cut up for us to enjoy.

And this was a more typical scene - Mark trying to catch up with me. And I also crossed the finish line, arriving home, first with him bringing up the rear.

Don't read this small print: Actually Mark led most of the time. I only crossed the finish line first cuz he stopped to talk to the guards at the Brentville gate allowing me to zoom past him and make a not so photo finish.

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