Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Pictures of The Bike Trip

The towns along the way typically had rather pronounced announcements that you were entering their domain.

Me at Victoria...

Mark at Pila...

And Pagsanjan had two of 'em.

Mark at one...

And me at the other.

Pagsanjan is probably best known for Pagsanjan Falls which you have to take a P660 (about thirteen bucks US) boat ride up the river to see. As you go into the town you pass some rather agressive boat ride marketers. When I drove up to Paete several weeks ago grandson Davis was ocuppying the front passenger seat and had his window down. When a hoard of those marketers virtually attacked (that's an overly exagerated term to describe 'agressive marketing'), they ran up to his open window yelling something indistinguishable. It was so sudden and loud he was a bit taken back and chose to ride with his window up. I think cozying up to a Boa Constrictor later on built his confidence and he was ready to challenge them with the window down as we drove back through the hoard.

Though our 'avowed' intention was to bike on to Paete, we opted to soak in the pool of a hotel in Pagsanjan. Anything to get our rear off those bike seats and our feet off the pedals. I want you to know that we were only seven miles short of the goal. But do you think we cared. (answer=no!)

The lodge where we spent the night licking our wounds. (Ah come on - at least show a little sympathy.)

The rooms...

And looking out from the dining room - down the Pagsanjan River...

Then up toward the falls - I think it is a couple of miles further on.

Can't show you a picture of the pool where we soaked the first couple of hours cuz I had a bad experience with my last camera near (in) the water so chose to leave this one in the room.

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