Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bill & Dea Update

It's Tuesday here in Makati. Yes, I know I live in Brentville! But since Thursday eveing Dea and I have actually been hanging our hats at Barry and Michelle's in busy Manila. Dea has been commuting to work mostly B & M's driver has been taking her too-and-fro. In fact they're likely fighting traffic right now to get back in time for a band concert at ISM that Stevii and Davis are in. By the way, the reason we're hanging our hats here 'til next Monday is that Barry and Michelle took an anniversary trip to Sidney Australia and are taking a tennis school among other things like laying on the beach ( do they do that in Australia during their winter? - Well that's what they said.) and we were hired to fill their shoes. Someone has to suffer.

Two weekends ago Dea and I went with our neighbors for a weekend in Baguio (it was a 4-day holiday from school so the three of them were able to go. I Don't have such restrictions on my life. I was the driver in this adventure). Baguio's up north in Luzon and more than up north it's up at an altitude of over 5000 ft. The Philippines 'Mile High City'. And it was quite pleasant and an enjoyable.

One of the things we did was to visit the original Brent International School. It's now one of seven schools but this one was special in that the setting was in the pines. Reminded me of some of my younger days as a kid at camp in the pines of Prescott Arizona. I'll put up some pictures after I get back to Brentville.

The school certainly made us feel welcome with a super tour of the facilities. Quite different facilities than the newer South campus we're most familiar with. Like I said, in the pines and a bit more spread out than South. Smaller student body, and older buildings though well taken care of. The third grade teacher there took some time to take us around the Baguio area and see some of the sights.

I'll get some pictures up later but have to get together for the band concert. Stevii plays the Oboe and Davis the baritone Sax.

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Kathy Clarke said...

Hi - you are the first person I've blogged - sounds like you and Dea are having a great time. Jeri and I are planning an adventure to Wis to see other cousins. Come to the Seattle area and call or email! Kathy