Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mile High City of Baguio

First thing we had to do upon arriving was to check out the accommodations and get checked in so we'd have a place to hang our hats. Here's Dea poking her head in to check our ours....

And Patricia looking into their room.

Actually the Pine View Hotel where we stayed was more like this.
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With a view out the front over looking the city.

We did some shopping...

And Eating ... like at Cafe by the Ruins

That wall just behind Dea's back is the ruins of something. I think maybe something that was bombed during WW II or maybe destroyed in the 1990 Earthquake, but not sure which.

And... did I mention that we did some shopping then after that we shopped a bit before doing some other shopping? Well after all we went to have fun.

And saw some sights...

Including the Baguio Country Club...

And this vintage automobile which didn't seem to fit with the Jeepneys. (Let's see now what do those three round thingies on the side indicate... haven't seen those in years.)

And then we went shopping (again).

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