Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cycling into Taal Lake

Mark and I did another cycle trip last Saturday May 19th from Tagaytay down to Lake Taal. The bike site helped us redefine 'easy''. This is the beginning of the trail we took and let me tell you it was all down hill from there. The 'riding' part of this outing was riding the brakes. Remember Hot Wheels? Well on the second stop to repair Marks brakes I found out what hot wheels really are - about burned my hands on his rims. Then I checked mine and ended up burning them again. Some people never learn.

Mark's thinking that it doesn't look bad from here - in fact this is going to be easy. But between the above pic and the next one we had quite a ride. See Mark's view of the trip at http://stevenson-stevies.blogspot.com/. Of course you've got to wade through some girlie pictures to get to it. Enjoy!

This is one of the places we got to carry our bikes. And I thought they were for riding. So when Mark reads this he's going to ask 'If they're for riding why did you fly over the handle bars? Huh Bill, How come?" Well I ain't a going there. You'd have to see the skinned forehead, black eyes, and crumpled glasses to appreciate that man can fly but only for a short while. Actually the takeoff and flight aren't bad - it's the other part that I need to work on (avoiding).

There's Taal Volcano - the beauty of that site kind of eases the pain.
We rode about 10 1/2 miles along the lake before catching a jeepney ride up. (What kind of a whimp are you - taking a jeepney up?)

Here's a little about the place. Since 1572, Taal has erupted at least 34 times. Most recent large eruption was September 1965. The volcano has been restless since early 1991, with earthquakes, new steaming areas, ground fracturing, and increases in water temperature of the lake. It is being monitored to understand if the current activity may foretell an eruption.

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