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Monday, January 28, 2008

Buko Stop

Here's some cyclers coming up the trail to the Buko Stop Saturday. I made my second ride with a group who met at Sabak's in Santa Rosa. What's a Buko Stop you ask? Well it will be clear after you look at the picture below (I hope!)

Well if it's not clear, I'll explain. Buko is Coconut. And the 'Buko Stop' (see the sign) is a place along the trail to stop and get a refreshing drink from a freshly cut green coconut. It's quite good! Especially after the long climb to get there. And it's a busy place.

Here's a view looking up the trail showing some of the patrons' bikes. I counted about 30 but they were coming and going during our 45 minute rest there.

Here's the group I rode with. I left the house at about 7AM and rode the 4 1/5 miles to Sabak's Bike Store where I met a group to ride with. The group part of the ride was a little over 14 miles through beautiful back country here in the Philippines. Some on one or two-track trails amoung the coconut and pineapple farms, some on narrow roads. One section was called the Coffee Trail because of the coffee farms we passed. On one narrow single-track I tensed up a bit and my wheel left the trail dumping me hard on my left shoulder. Feels a bit like I cracked a rib. No hiccuping or sneezing or deep breaths for a while.

All-in-all a good ride and pleasant way to get excercise in the great outdoors. Planning on going more or less on a regular basis and get some of these trails logged in my GPS.

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