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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

View from just below Tagaytay Highlands.

Bill on cycle ride with group from Sabak Sports. This was taken about 12.5 miles into the ride and about 0.7 below the peak. The 0.7 to the peak was very steep riding. I'd like to say I made it on my own but... that's another story. At this point I look somewhat fresh and clean but that's deceiving cuz just had a rest. The view looks mainly east toward Laguna de Bay. My Brentville home is just behind the tree and Mt Makiling is just out of site on the right.

We stopped for some porridge and spicy tofu at ALING PINA's - a bikers rest stop along the way.

Here's what my bike looked like at the end of the ride. I looked about the same. That was yesterday. Today I'm somewhat sore but feeling good overall and anxious to try this ride again, maybe over and over until I can do it unassisted.

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