Monday, February 11, 2008

I do not claim fame nor any notoriety but....

Well I can toot my own horn if I want. And guess I'm going to but only a little cuz there is, in reality, precious little notoriety involved and what little there is none-the-less a bit flattering to this humble blogger.

On 'My Other Blog' I address mostly health and diet issues that are important to me. Those having to do with cholesterol and heart disease. In the course of researching for my own interest and then posting my findings on the blog I have on several occasions received comments. Two of those comments have come from a medical doctor - Jeffrey Dach MD. WOW! Was I surprised.

The adrenaline rush (or what ever it was) came when I was reading some good articles on his web site and I noticed in the left pane way down (and I mean way way down) under "Blog Roll" where he lists other peoples blogs that for whatever reason he has chosen to provide a link to, there was mine listed. WOW Again! Somewhere around 70 places down in the list is mine - Pi-Bill Blog. And also on that list are some of the hero's I've quoted in my blog - Duane Graveline MD, Malcolm McKendrick MD, THINCS, and Weston Price not to mention a couple of medical journals I've used for research JAMA, and NEJM.

Well my arm is broke now from trying to pat my own back when I should be out riding my bike instead.

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