Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dry Season Made Wet! etc...

Craig featured a picture of me on the most recent (March 8, 2010) Palawan Project Foundation (PPF). See it here. Check it out.

On Mar 26th Dea and I will be heading to Palawan with Craig and Margaret. It will be Dea's first trip there so looking forward to that. She will be there for the duration of her Easter break and I will stay on with Craig for about two more weeks. That will make it my longest stay. Hoping not to get an infection this time.

I am also preparing to speak to the four Brent School Manila third grade classes about the BioSand Filter Invention. For this I have installed a real live operational BSF in the school atrium adjacent to the fish pond. I have been preparing the BSF for this event in which I will drink water from the fish pond which I will pour through the filter. Since I survived the strep/staph infection in my leg I'm going to try something else. No I don't have a death wish. Rather I trust the BSF invention and will demonstrate it's effectiveness in this way.

The Deputy Headmaster has offered to have an ambulance on sight and ready to go. Instead or along with that I requested the presence of President Gloria, TV live coverage, and our neighbor - world boxing champ Manny Pacquaio to participate (just kidding on requesting all of that - but it was a thought).

Manny Pacquaio

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