Friday, February 19, 2010

Brooke's point Palawan and water projects

With lots of helping hands the Ram Pump installation has been improved to boost the water delivery to Baliun's needy farm from a barely useful trickle to 720 gallons per day then another adjustment Thursday jumped that up to over 3500 gallons. He was able to get his thirsty corn watered and even got baths for the kids. All kinds of progress. Thursday as we were leaving for the day he turned to me and said a very touching 'Thank You - Mission Accomplished'. That was really the icing on the cake. Something I've taken for granted all of my life is so needed and appreciated.

I'll be here for another week and I do believe it will continue to be busy. Tomorrow (Sat) we will add a line to the pump output to share some of Baliuns 3500 gallons per day with his daughters in-laws across the river. He was excited about that. We will pick up three 100 meter rolls of PVC and some fittings and valves to accomplish that.

Then Sunday morning early Craig and I will set off for the south west side of Palawan and look at the suitability of another Ram Pump installation. Now that we've done one we think we can do anything. I certainly have learned a lot. Before Christmas I don't think I could even spell Ram Pump. Now look!

Water - whether its for drinking or watering the farm to feed the family and earn a living it is life giving.

I'll try to add some pictures in the near future.

Thanks for reading this and thinking of me in this endeavor. It is appreciated.

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