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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Biking again?

Yeah again! Not too much to report on that front however, - haven't fallen (much), am not bleeding, am making it up Cardiac Hill OK and without incident. So what's there to report. Well...

I riding with the group about twice a week. The rides are mostly similar in that they're about 22 miles in length, in fairly hilly terain (as in Cardiac Hill which is well named) causing a bit of huffin' and puffin' but that's what I'm doing it for - the exercise. The riding is on a variety of surfaces. Some paved road, Most on bumpy single lane farm or fire roads, and quite a bit on single track which is like a foot path. The rides last anywhere from 3.5 to 5 hours, are sometimes in the hot sun (unless riding through shaded mountain like trails) or sometimes in the pouring rain (fortunately not very often but have done that a couple of times). We do a couple of 30-45 minute rests along the way. Usually the Buko Haus (coconut drink stop) and at Aling Pinas for an early lunch of rice soup with a hard boiled egg in it and a plate of lumpia. Aling's place is at the farthest point from there we head back. And going back is different cuz it's mostly down hill though on some pretty bumpy tracks.

Here's some of the bikers hanging out at the Buko Stop.

And some of the bikes parked there.

A high level discussion going on out front.

The guy and his assistants preparing a coconut so you can sip the juice from a straw. Quite a pile of coconut hulls in the foreground.

Sitting around the cooler.

Getting ready to head into a single track portion of the ride.

On the road to Aling Pina's

A bunch in front of Aling's lunch stop.

Ocassionally a mishap. This one not me. Kelly had a run-in with a stone when she didn't get out of her clip-in pedals. But she's attended to by Lisa with hydrogen peroxide and Betadine. Had several stitches after arriving home so should be good as new.

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