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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buko Haus again without stopping!

Not big news anymore but I'll have to admit I was wondering if I could actually do it twice. That is to make it up Cardiac Hill without stopping for a rest again. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to try it again so soon after my Thursday crash. But to my surprise the twisted and scraped knee and bumped tail bone were feeling pretty good so I took off for the Saturday Sabak Bike Ride.

I'll admit there was a little extra incentive to go because one of the Brent teachers wanted to go. But never again! At the top of Cardiac Hill I announced to her in front of the group that I wasn't bringing her again cuz she didn't follow the rules! Rule #1: Don't pass someone older than you, Rule #2: Especially don't make it look that easy!

And though I did make it to Buko Haus again without a rest, just as Triumphant Thursday, there was a let-down today also. Not a crash type of let-down like before but this time one of the young whipper-snappers I was talking to over sipping my fresh coconut juice through a straw, said he had just done Cardiac Hill 6 times that morning. Since it was a hot morning he hadn't done his regular 8 times. Oh well. That's his problem not mine.

Then there was a pat-on-the-back as one of the Sabak owners, Edwin, told me that I was an inspiration to them all when they see me puffing up the mountain. Actually I'm not in it to show anyone up. My ticker needs the exercise. It keeps me feeling good and attentive to the surroundings as I try to keep my front tire out of the rut. And they're a good bunch of guys and gals to be with. They watch out for each other on the trail. We stopped once when one of the experts heard an unusual noise coming from Jeannie's bike. Found her rear wheel was loose and her rear derailer mis-adjusted so fixed it on the spot. Later when another rider's chain broke there was Edwin sitting in the middle of the road with his chain tool putting it back together. They also noticed Kelly's front tire was pretty hard and so reduced it to about 30 PSI so she would have more traction for the type of trail we were on. When one rider got way behind and didn't show up for one 'stop to re-gather', they blew their whistles and contacted him on his cell and directed him on in. Like I say, a good group to bike with. Come and join us. That's an invite.

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