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Monday, October 02, 2006

Another interesting 'feature' of the Philippines is the IMMENSE (read as 'way too large') billboards all over the place. There is an example of several smaller ones earlier in this blog, though my point then was not the billboards but the highway sign warning - 'No Swerving'. They are quite visible if not obnoxious. In fact they actually almost obscured the point of my comment back then.

Well these two pictures show what happend to many of them - about 30 around Manila. This house now has a new roof!
This one is simply bowing a bit toward the south. (I think Dea was stearing for me as I shot this while driving into Manila Saturday.) We saw eight to ten more laying flat on some unsuspecting building or house that day.

And the response from officials was:
President Arroyo has directed the drafting of an administrative order that would authorize the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to pull down billboards that pose a hazard to life and property. The directive came a day after 30 billboards throughout Metro Manila were blown down by typhoon "Milenyo," killing a motorist and injuring several others. The wreckage of the fallen billboards also blocked major thoroughfares, causing traffic jams at the height of the typhoon in the metropolis.Posted by Picasa

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