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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Some of this ain't wood carvings...

Yesterday our grandson Davis came down after school and piano lessons to try out his fixed up bike and to go with Kurt, our neighbor and I over to the eastern side of Laguna de Bay, the biggest lake in Asia. We went to Piete known for it’s woodcarvings and there were other things to see as well. Of course I caught the excursion on GPS and managed to snap a few pictures as well.

We left about 7:20 AM and arrived at around 9 making a stop to visit the pet shop at the Exotik Restaurant. Davis really enjoyed it.

"Hey there buddy"

Mom! Can I keep him? I think he likes me.

He'd be easy to take care of. Oh Yeah! He eates chicken heads. Can you pick up a few?

And I found out that Kurt the librarian could communicate in just about any situation (or is he puckering up).

We visited a few woodcarving places. In fact the primary purpose for the little jaunt was to pick up some special carvings that Kurt had ordered. In this photo Davis is watching a carver work on ‘The Last Supper’. Davis found out he has been doing carving for 30 years.

On the way back I had to do a quick U-Turn to chase down and snap a picture of this unique 3-wheeled Jeepney.
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