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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Dinner with the Lambs

Last night since it was Valentines Day, and we had been invited by Kurt and Patricia our neighbors here in Brentville, we went out for dinner. And... in this picture we are just being served our order at The Pancake House at a rest stop/service area just off of the South Luzon Expressway.

Now you might ask "Why would you choose The Pancake House at a rest stop/service area just off of the South Luzon Expressway?" And I'll admit that it’s a question begging to be answered.

The short version of the answer follows. We left Brentville early last evening, about 5PM, to go to a selected and recommended Italian restaurant in Alabang about 7 miles north of Brentville. We were probably within a mile or so of enjoying Italian pasta when a slight altercation occurred between my car and a nearby driver. Our dinner reservation was cancelled and I left my three passengers parked under a dark expressway overpass where the local police precinct office was located. You'll have to ask them what went on in the car as I was occupied inside answering questions, explaining my version of 'the event' and filling out forms. Needless to say, the statements of the two drivers as to what happened differed but we got the process mostly completed and were happily on our way. Not to the Italian restaurant, but south toward home. A Starbucks waved us in off the expressway but it happened to be right next to, you guessed it, THE PANCAKE HOUSE!

So there you have it - the 'short version'.
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